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NFA Solutions

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NFA Solutions Group, Inc. was conceived on the belief that owners of contaminated properties and/or responsible parties deserve faster solutions to mitigating their environmental liability. Our goal is to restore the value of your contaminated property faster and more cost-effectively using innovative means and to ultimately obtain regulatory compliance for your property.  

We are a licensed professional engineering and geology business, and a FDEP-approved qualified environmental contractor. We hold all required insurance certifications for safe, quality work.  We are currently performing site restoration projects funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), as well as insurance companies and individuals in the private sector. 

About us

David J. Ayres




Bachelor of Science, 

Mechanical Engineering: 

University of Minnesota

Executive Masters of Finance: 

College of St. Thomas, Minnesota


Mr. Ayres has a diverse  background and over 30 years of experience with product and services in Industrial, Aerospace and Environmental Industries. His experiences include engineering, manufacturing, field/technology applications, management, and  business development. 

In 2009, Mr. Ayres began working to resolve Florida soil and groundwater environmental contamination challenges. He and Mr. Todd Nowland focused their efforts on further developing an innovative technology called the LEVUK™ Method, initially created by Mr. David Levy for rapidly cleaning up contaminated properties in Florida, and ultimately laid the foundation for NFA Solutions Group's business success.  

Mr. Ayres applies his knowledge in manufacturing, including continuous process improvement and shorter lead-times, to environmental remediation. Today, Mr. Ayres and his team have created Advanced Microbial Degradation (microDEG ™) Process and  built an unprecedented track record of fast, successful clean-ups and is sought out by property owners and insurance companies for his knowledge and expertise.

David J. Levy




Bachelor of Science - Geology: 

Florida State University

Master of Science - Geology: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Professional Geologist: 

Florida and North Carolina

Certified Materials Manager


Mr. Levy earned a Master of Science in Geological Science from Virginia Polytechnic and State University.  Mr. Levy has worked in the Environmental Regulating and Consulting Industry since 1986 and has earned professional geology licenses from Florida and North Carolina.  He has conducted over 200 contamination assessments and designed over 100 remedial action systems.  

Frustrated with the lack of success of the traditional technology used to remediate sites, Mr. Levy used his expertise in groundwater flow and bioremediation to develop the LEVUK™ Method in 2003.

He has gained valuable knowledge in land use and environmental issues concerning the cities and counties within the State of Florida. He has and is currently serving on a number of environmental-related committee boards.  He has enjoyed his tenure as Council Member, Vice Mayor and Mayor for the City of Palm Beach Gardens.

Bradley (Todd) Nowland


OVT - Environmental Products


Bachelor of Science - Geography 

with minor in Geology:  

Northwest Missouri State University



Mr. Nowland has over thirty cumulative years of experience in the field of environmental compliance, contamination mitigation and project management on a wide variety of projects for the private sector, insurance companies, and Florida county/state agencies. Todd is actively involved in developing the Advanced Microbial Degradation (microDEG ™) Process and the selection of fast innovative solutions to environmental liabilities.  He manages compliance to regulatory rules, and development of protocols for the NFA's Health and Safety program.

On job sites, Todd manages the flow of work, supervises subcontractors, acts as the liaison between clients and regulatory agencies, and ensures the timeliness of project deliverables. 

Todd is sought after by his reputation for finding speedy, common-sense solutions to client's environmental problems.  His outstanding reputation with subcontractors helps ensure project success.