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NFA Solutions

A Results Driven company finding fast and innovative solutions!

A Results Driven company finding fast and innovative solutions! A Results Driven company finding fast and innovative solutions!


Rapid Clean Up Technology

The Advanced Microbial Degradation or microDEG ™ Process  (formerly LEVUK™ Method)  is an approved FDEP Innovative Technology. It is a closed-loop reinjection-type aquifer remediation process which delivers a specialized solution of FDEP-approved microbial blends along with electron acceptors such as oxygen, nitrogen and nutrients to continually support the microbes in the ground. Depending on the extent of the plume, this process involves one, or a series of treatment zones, with an array of injection wells and extraction wells. The extraction wells create a depression in the water height and a radius-of-influence whereby the groundwater is hydraulically controlled to flow into the extraction well. The extracted water is pumped back into our proprietary treatment trailer, treated with microbes and supporting amendments, and reinjected using the injection wells. It combines both in-situ and ex-situ degradation of the contamination 24 hours, 7 days a week. Essentially, it is a perpetual degradation engine of extraction, treatment and reinjection.

Hydraulic control of the contaminated groundwater plume is important to the success of microDEG™. Placement of the zones, extraction wells and injection wells, including water flow rates, are based on understanding the lithological make-up and hydraulic conductivity of each site. Variation in the lithological cross section is factored into the design verification and understanding of the actual capture zone and mounding are verified by measuring depth-to-water (DTW) in observation wells. With this understanding, NFA Solutions Group experts can sequence zones to get the microbial fluids to flow in different directions and deliver them to the contaminated areas.