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NFA Solutions

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Why Choose US?

What Sets Us Apart

Our #1 goal is to focus on eliminating your environmental liability quickly and completely, while complying with regulatory agency's rules.

  • SPEED:   We look for innovative, non-remediation solutions to quickly resolve the environmental concern.  If remediation is needed, we often use our proven Advanced Microbial Degradation (microDEG™) Process which typically cleans up sites to NFA (No Further Action) status typically within 6 months.
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD:  We have a solid track record of cleaning up sites much faster than our competition. We have successfully cleaned up every site we have worked on.
  • PERFORMANCE-BASED:  We offer Fixed Price, - Pay-for-Performance contracts on most sites.  Our results-orientated approach clearly set us apart from other environmental consulting firms who are typically time and materials-driven.
  • INNOVATION:  We use our proprietary, FDEP-approved Innovative Technology called  Advanced Microbial Degradation (microDEG ™) Process formerly LEVUK™ Method for cleaning up sites.  We use our own methodology and proprietary treatment trailers, and are continuously improving our speed and efficiency.

Who We Help

  • Property owners who want their properties cleaned up fast.
  • Property owners who are frustrated by how long it is taking their environmental consulting firm to eliminate the environmental concern.
  • Property owners who want to sell their property.
  • Insurance companies that want to close out their claims, FAST.
  • Developers who want to buy and develop a property that is contaminated.
  • Realtors who earn commission on selling rehabilitated properties.
  • Banks that are stuck with foreclosed, contaminated properties and want a fast economical return to full asset value.
  • FDEP management and legislators that want sites cleaned up, closed and no longer depleting tax payer dollars..


Mohammed - Active Gas Station Owner: "NFA Solutions Group was referred to me by a relative and I am very happy I got them involved.  They quickly assessed and resolved a contamination issue identified during a Phase II environmental assessment.  Working with the state DEP, they got the Discharge Reporting Form rescinded that was previously filed.  NFA made me promises to get the job done quickly with minimal business interruption.  They lived up to their word and then some. I felt like they always had my best interest in mind."

Randolph - Active Gas Station Owner:  “I have gotten to know David Ayres and his group over the past few years and trust them to always have my best interest in mind especially when working with the DEP regulators and Insurance companies; this is very important to me because I need to spend my time focused on running my businesses. He and his group cleaned up my contaminated site in less than 6-months under a performance-based contract which I was delighted with, as was my insurance company.  I plan to use David and  his group to work through any environmental issues should they arise and refer him to my friends in the business.”

 Gary - Vacant Gas Station Owner:  "We strongly recommend using NFA Solutions Group.  We were very pleased with the site assessment work they did for us and their dedication to rapidly cleaning up sites like ours.  I particularly like that they challenge themselves to clean up sites faster than anyone by using innovative techologies and not just use the same old technology that takes years and years that other firms seem to be locked in on.  We recommend NFA for all your site assessment needs and remediation needs."

Mike - Owner of a Contaminated Property:  "I highly recommend working with David and Todd.  On past work for me, they did everything they said they would do.  I would never ever engage any other environmental firm or strategy for cleaning up a site.  My hat goes "off" to those two for really doing an outstanding job, achieving results, communicating kindly with myself and my tenants and to get me the clean Bill of Health; the (SRCO)."

Ed - Owner of a Contaminated Property:  "If you have contaminated property and want to get it cleaned up fast, I highly recommend Dave and NFA Solutions Group.  Their experts cleaned up two contaminated parcels on my site in less than 4 months, enabling me to sell the property for full price.  They saved me a lot of money."

David - Owner of a Contaminated Site:  "I highly recommend working with NFA Solutions Group experts as they use innovative technologies to clean sites fast where other environmental firms are using old technology that is painfully slow with poor track records of actual success."