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Frequently Asked questions


Q.) A Phase 2 environmental assessment found some contamination above state standards on my property, what are my options?

A.)  NFA Solutions Group has helped many property owners with a similar problem and was able to resolve the issue without having to perform a full comprehensive site assessment thereby avoiding costly and disruptive activities. 

Q.) I own a number of gas stations, with a number in remediation. It always amazes me how long the clean-up can take and the poor track record in actually getting the site clean, but they still use the same sparge/vapor extraction technology.  

A.) There are probably various opinions for this, but this is one of the few industries that does not incorporate accountability into its contracting. Without these motivators, there are no real financial incentives to utilize innovation or effort in cleaning up sites fast.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Under a Time and Materials contract, consultants can be rewarded by taking longer. The State of Florida is beginning to recognize this and has allocated some funding for Innovative Technology under Performance-Based Contracting (PBC).  NFA Solutions Group is leading the way in this area.

Q.)  I have a consultant I have used for many years, but the remediation effort is taking forever. What can I do?

A.)  You can talk to the funding authority about your dissatisfaction and discuss your options,  including using a different contractor and/or different technology. For example, we utilize innovative technologies like our proprietary microDEG™ system  and we are cleaning up sites in just months.  Insurance companies are very willing to switch to NFA Solutions Group with our Pay-For-Performance contracting.

Q.)  My insurance company tells me that my policy will not cover the recent spill.  I am not able to finance the clean-up myself. What are my options?

A). NFA Solutions Group can act as your advocate and take a close look at the details of the spill and your policy coverage in pursuit of policy coverage.  Other funding options may also be available to you.

Q.)  My consultant provided me a cost to do an environmental assessment and it seems very high.  Should I get another opinion?

A.)  Yes!  It is always a good idea to get other opinions and estimates, especially when it comes to assessments.  Although, soil and groundwater in Florida is regulated, environmental contractors vary widely on the number of analytes tested in a laboratory.  NFA Solutions Group takes a simple common-sense approach. We avoid taking excessive samples and do not analyze for chemicals not required by the regulatory agency for the specific spill.

Q.)  The cost for cleaning up my site is getting close to the policy limit, what can I do?

A.)  Many operator/owners are not aware of what the funding limits are, whether it is state funded, insurance funded, or grant-related. Likewise, nearly all environmental contractors charge time and materials for site remediation activities, which does not create a financial incentive for them to actually clean up your site.  NFA Solutions Group can take a look at your particular situation and possibly offer a faster clean-up solution using our innovative microDEG™ system with pay-for-performance contracting.